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I.ahead [Brit əˈhɛd, Am əˈhɛd] ΕΠΊΡ Ahead is often used after verbs in English ( go ahead, plan ahead, think ahead etc.). For translations consult the appropriate verb entry ( go, plan, think etc.). For all other uses see the entry below.

1. ahead (spatially):

Βλέπε και: think, straight, plan, go

1. think (hold view, believe):

2. think (imagine):

3. think (have thought, idea):

1. think (engage in thought):

4. think (have in mind):

1. straight (not bent or curved):

2. straight (level, upright):

a straight(-sided) glass

4. straight (clear):

5. straight (honest, direct):

6. straight (unconditional):

a straight fight Brit POL

1. straight (not obliquely or crookedly):

2. straight (without delay):

3. straight (frankly):

1. plan (scheme, course of action):

1. plan (arrangements):

1. plan (prepare, organize):

1. go (move, travel):

aller (from de, to à, en)