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I.across [Brit əˈkrɒs, Am əˈkrɔs, əˈkrɑs] ΠΡΌΘ Across frequently occurs as the second element in certain verb combinations ( come across, run across, lean across etc.). For translations, look at the appropriate verb entry ( come, run, lean etc.).

1. across (from one side to the other):

2. across (to, on the other side of):

Βλέπε και: run, practice run, lean, come

1. run (act or period of running):

2. run (flight):

3. run (series of successes, failures, reds, blacks):

8. run (trip, route):

5. run (operate):

1. run (move quickly):

2. run (flee):

I had to run for it inf

4. run (function):

7. run (pass):

8. run (move):

9. run (operate regularly):

10. run (flow):

1. come (arrive):

2. come (approach):

3. come (call, visit):

4. come (attend):