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1. for (intended to belong to or be used by):

2. for (intended to help or benefit):

3. for (indicating purpose):

5. for (indicating cause or reason):

6. for (indicating consequence):

pour que + subj

7. for (indicating person's attitude):

9. for (considering):

11. for (on behalf of):

13. for (indicating duration):

14. for:

16. for (indicating scheduled time):

18. for (indicating destination):

19. for (indicating cost, value):

27. for (when introducing clauses):

I'll be (in) for it if… Brit inf
right, you're for it! Brit inf

Βλέπε και: nothing

1. nothing:


2. nothing (emphasizing insignificance):

3. nothing (very little indeed):

nothing lit, fig

4. nothing (indicating absence of trait, quality):