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Μεταφράσεις για go στο λεξικό Αγγλικά»Γαλλικά

1. go (move, travel):

2. go (on specific errand, activity):

5. go (depart):

7. go (disappear):

9. go (become):

11. go (be, remain):

12. go (weaken, become impaired):

13. go (of time):

14. go (be got rid of):

15. go (operate, function):

16. go (start):

17. go (lead):

18. go (extend in depth or scope):

19. go (belong, be placed):

20. go (fit):

21. go (be expressed, sung etc in particular way):

23. go (be about to):

24. go (happen):

26. go (be sold):

27. go (be on offer):

29. go (be given):

30. go (emphatic use):

32. go (make sound, perform action or movement):

1. go Brit:

Βλέπε και: public, private, keep

2. private (personal, not associated with company):

3. private (not public, not state-run):