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I.some [Brit sʌm, s(ə)m, Am səm] ΆΡΘ ΕΠΊΘ When some is used as an adjective to mean an unspecified amount of something, it is translated by du, de l' before vowel or mute h, de la or des according to the gender and number of the noun that follows: I'd like some bread = je voudrais du pain; have some water = prenez de l'eau; we've bought some beer = nous avons acheté de la bière; they've bought some peaches = ils ont acheté des pêches.
But note that where some is followed by an adjective preceding a plural noun, de alone is used in all cases: some pretty dresses = de jolies robes.
For particular usages see I. below.
When some is used as a pronoun it is translated by en which is placed before the verb in French: would you like some? = est-ce que vous en voulez?; I've got some = j'en ai.
For particular usages see II. below.

1. some (an unspecified amount or number):

2. some (certain: in contrast to others):

3. some (a considerable amount or number):

4. some (a little, a slight):

5. some (an unspecified, unknown) pej:

7. some (not much) inf:

2. some (certain ones: in contrast to others):

1. some (approximately):

an. → anno

Βλέπε και: a2, A1

Βλέπε και: many, lot2, lot1, little2, little1, job lot, few

1. lot:

4. lot (decision-making process):

1. lot:

2. lot inf:

3. lot (specific group of people) inf:

1. lot (great deal):

lot inf:

1. little (small):

2. little (young):

6. little (short):

I.little1 <comp less, superl least> [ˈlɪtl] ΕΠΊΘ When little is used as an adjective ( little hope, little damage) it is translated by peu de: peu d'espoir, peu de dégâts.
For examples and particular usages see I. below.
When a little is used as a pronoun ( give me a little) it is translated by un peu: donne m'en-un peu.
When little is used alone as a pronoun ( there's little I can do) it is very often translated by pas grand-chose: je ne peux pas faire grand-chose.
For examples of these and other uses of little as a pronoun ( to do as little as possible etc.) see II. below.
For uses of little and a little as adverbs see the entry below.
Note that less, and least are treated as separate entries in the dictionary.

1. little (rarely):