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Βλέπε και: coming

1. go (move, travel):

aller (from de, to à, en)
who goes there? MILIT

2. go (on specific errand, activity):

5. go (depart):

11. go (be, remain):

15. go (operate, function):

16. go (start):

18. go (extend in depth or scope):

21. go (be expressed, sung etc in particular way):

23. go (be about to):

24. go (happen):

how goes it? hum
how goes it? hum
comment va? slang

26. go (be sold):

30. go (emphatic use):

32. go (make sound, perform action or movement):

1. go Brit:

à qui le tour?
he's all go inf!
it's all the go inf!
that was a near go inf!
to go off on one Brit inf
to go off like a frog in a sock Aus inf event:
there you go inf!
don't go there slang

Βλέπε και: public, private, keep