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into [Brit ˈɪntʊ, ˈɪntə, Am ˈɪntu, ˈɪn(t)ə] ΠΡΌΘ Into is used after certain nouns and verbs in English ( way into, change into, stray into etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate noun or verb entry ( way, change, stray etc.).
into is used in the structure verb + sb + into + doing ( to bully sb into doing, to fool sb into doing). For translations of these structures see the appropriate verb entry ( bully, fool etc.).
For translations of expressions like get into trouble, go into detail, get into debt etc. you should consult the appropriate noun entry ( trouble, detail, debt etc.).

1. into (indicating change of position, location):

2. into (indicating change of shape, form, value):

4. into (indicating a point in a process):

5. into (indicating direction):

Βλέπε και: way, trouble, stray, go into, get into, fool, detail, debt, change, bully

1. way (route, road):

2. way (direction):

3. way (space in front, projected route):

4. way (distance):

5. way (manner of doing something):

6. way (respect, aspect):

7. way (custom, manner):

8. way (will, desire):