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Μεταφράσεις για if στο λεξικό Αγγλικά»Γαλλικά (Μετάβαση προς Γαλλικά»Αγγλικά)

I.if [Brit ɪf, Am ɪf] ΣΎΝΔΕΣ If is almost always translated by si, except in the case of a very few usages which are shown below.

1. if (in the event that, supposing that):

2. if (whenever):

3. if (whether):

5. if (although, accepting that):

1. please:

2. please:

4. please:

5. please (in entreaty):

1. please (give happiness, satisfaction to):

1. please (give happiness or satisfaction):

2. please (like, think fit):

1. what (what exactly):

2. what (in rhetorical questions):

4. what (in clauses):

1. what (which):

2. what (in exclamations):

3. what (the amount of):

Βλέπε και: about

I.about [əˈbaʊt] ΕΠΊΘ About is used after certain nouns, adjectives and verbs in English ( information about, a book about, curious about, worry about etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate entries ( information, book, curious, worry etc).
about often appears in British English as the second element of certain verb structures ( move about, rummage about, lie about etc.). For translations, consult the relevant verb entries ( move about, rummage about, lie about etc.).

1. about (approximately):

2. about (almost):

3. about (in circulation):

1. about (concerning, regarding):

4. about (occupied with):

7. about (when soliciting opinions):

1. as (in the manner that):