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me ΑΝΤΩΝ When used as a direct or indirect object pronoun me is translated by me (or m' before a vowel): she knows me = elle me connaît; he loves me = il m'aime.
Note that the object pronoun normally comes before the verb in French and that in compound tenses like the present perfect and past perfect, the past participle of the verb agrees with the direct object pronoun: he's seen me (female speaker) = il m'a vue.
In imperatives the translation for both the direct and the indirect object pronoun is moi and comes after the verb: kiss me! = embrasse-moi!; give it to me! = donne-le-moi! (note the hyphens).
After prepositions and the verb to be the translation is moi: she did it for me = elle l'a fait pour moi; it's me = c'est moi.
For particular expressions see below.

dear me inf!, deary me inf!

1. ME MED abrév → myalgic encephalomyelitis

2. ME Am abrév écrite → Maine

3. ME LING abrév → Middle English

4. ME Am MED abrév → medical examiner

Βλέπε και: myalgic encephalomyelitis, Middle English, medical examiner, Maine

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et moi(, alors)? inf

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