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I.enough [Brit ɪˈnʌf, Am ɪˈnəf] ΕΠΊΡ When enough is used as an adverb or a pronoun, it is most frequently translated by assez: is the house big enough? = est-ce que la maison est assez grande? (Note that assez comes before the adjective). When used as a determiner, enough is generally translated by assez de: we haven't bought enough meat = nous n'avons pas acheté assez de viande; there's enough meat for two meals/six people = il y a assez de viande pour deux repas/six personnes; have you got enough chairs? = avez-vous assez de chaises? Note that if the sentence does not specify what it is enough of, the pronoun en, meaning of it/of them, must be added before the verb in French: will there be enough? = est-ce qu'il y en aura assez? For more examples and particular usages, see the entry enough.

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