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Μεταφράσεις για through στο λεξικό Αγγλικά»Γαλλικά

1. through (from one side to the other):

2. through (via, by way of):

3. through (past):

4. through (among):

5. through (expressing source or agency):

7. through (until the end of):

8. through (up to and including):

1. through (finished):

2. through (direct):

Βλέπε και: sort, sleep through, see through, see, search, run, put, practice run, pass, live2, live1, hell, go, get, carry

1. sort (kind, type):

2. sort (in vague description):

3. sort (type of person):

1. sort (a bit):

1. sort (classify, arrange):

1. see (perceive):

2. see (look at):

3. see (go to see, visit):

4. see (meet up with):

6. see (understand):

7. see (look upon, consider):

11. see (find out):

12. see:

1. see (with eyes):

2. see (understand):