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Μεταφράσεις για asseyez-vous στο λεξικό Αγγλικά»Γαλλικά (Μετάβαση προς Γαλλικά»Αγγλικά)

1. front (forward facing area):

2. front (furthest forward part):

7. front (area of activity):

2. front:

1. seat (allocated place):

2. seat (type, object) MOTOR:

3. seat Brit POL (in parliament, on committee):

2. seat (have seats for):

1. while (although):

3. while (during the time that):

4. while (at the same time as):

Βλέπε και: worth

1. worth FIN (measure, quantity):

2. worth (value, usefulness):

1. worth (of financial value):

2. worth (of abstract value):

1. like (get on well with):

2. like (find to one's taste):

3. like:

4. like (approve of):