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I.along [Brit əˈlɒŋ, Am əˈlɔŋ, əˈlɑŋ] ΕΠΊΡ When along is used as a preposition meaning all along it can usually be translated by le long de: there were trees along the road = il y avait des arbres le long de la route. For particular usages see the entry below.
along is often used after verbs of movement. If the addition of along does not change the meaning of the verb, along will not be translated: as he walked along = tout en marchant.
However, the addition of along often produces a completely new meaning. This is the case in expressions like the project is coming along, how are they getting along?. For translations consult the appropriate verb entry ( come along, get along etc).

1. along:

Βλέπε και: come along, get along, all-important, all-embracing, all-consuming, all

4. come along (make progress):

1. all (everything):

2. all (the only thing):

all I know is that

3. all (everyone):

5. all (emphasizing unanimity or entirety):

1. all (each one of):

2. all (the whole of):

1. all (emphatic: completely):

2. all (in the highest degree) → all-consuming

it's all go inf here! Brit
it's all up with us inf Brit
all in Brit slang
crevé slang
all in Brit slang

4. come along (make progress):

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along Παραδείγματα από το λεξικό PONS (ελεγχόμενα από το λεξικογραφικό τμήμα)

along Από το λεξιλόγιο «Κοινωνική ενσωμάτωση και ισότητα δυνατοτήτων» του Γαλλογερμανικού Γραφείου Νέων

Μεταφράσεις για along στο λεξικό Γαλλικά»Αγγλικά

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